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Based on D.B. Mokashi's Novel 'Anandowari'

Adapted by Gerish Khemani

Directed by Gerish Khemani

Produced by The Blind and the Elephant

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Tukaram has gone missing again. This time though the hints seem ominous. Anandowari looks at 17th-century saint-poet Tukaram’s story through his younger brother Kanha’s perspective. Originally published in 1974, the novel begins much after the search and then cuts straight to the day Tukaram went missing, never returning again. It then takes us through those 3 days of Kanha’s frantic search for Tuka and his many realisations about his brother. This adaptation also focuses on the questions of the saint poet Tukaram's creative consciousness, his poetry's source, his metaphysical preoccupations, his social rebellion, and his love for his beloved God Vitthal. We wondered what would happen if the writer stepped into his own story? His character has found salvation, what about the writer? How will he? It is an investigation into that search… A devotee in search of God. A man in search of his brother. A writer in search of his Tukaram. And so these two quests came to be juxtaposed. And they interpenetrate and illuminate each other.


Hrishabh Kanti

Varad Salvekar



Abhang Arrangement and Background Score: Ruturaj Bhosle

Theme Sound Track: Tushar Lall

Light Design: Sachin Lele

Lights Operation: Prerana

Sound Operation and Production: Jaymin Thakkar  

Costume Design: Rutuja Gadre






70 mins


Age advisory

16 years and above

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