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Ghanta, Ghanta, Ghanta, Ghanta, Ghanta

Written by Sam Steiner

Adapted in Marathi by Niranjan Pedanekar

Directed by Mohit Takalkar

Produced by Aasakta

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In a desolate landscape ruled by a fascist regime, Feroza and Aditya, a typically mismatched couple, embark on a quest to unravel life's meaning, love, and politics. The story delves into their relationship non-linearly, as a strict law limits daily word usage to 140. Feroza, a public prosecutor, and Aditya, a music artist, struggle to communicate amid the law's anxieties, questioning if they can overcome the chaos in their dynamics. The play explores the politics of love between a man and a woman, confronts an activist and a state representative, and challenges the privileges in engaging with marginalised struggles. The totalitarian law's impact on society and individual minds is evident, prompting an inquiry into the true meaning of "personal is political." Through Aditya and Feroza's flawed relationship, the play reflects the fragmented reality of contemporary times.


Lalit Prabhakar

Mallika Singh Hanspal



Light Design: Vikrant Thakar

Music Direction: Saurabh Bhalerao 

Costume Design: Rashmi Rode 

Art work and Calligraphy: Chandramohan Kulkarni 

Assistant Directors: Suyog Deshpande, Mohish Bhamare, Hrishikesh Pujari 

Production Management: Swapnil Ware, Aditya Santosh 

Backstage in-charge: Himanshu Borkar

Property Construction: Ameya Bhalerao

Publicity Design: Tushar Tajane 

Stage Hands: Srujan Neela Harihar, Mangesh Ingole, Swarali Pendse, Arundhati Agashe 

Light Assitance: Yash Potnis 

Production Assistance: Om Jagtap, Sharvari Haldavanekar 

Stills: Kunal Sharma, Vishal Magar






105 minutes (without interval)


Age advisory

18 years and above

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