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Tara's Trio

Story by Kalyani Hiwale & Maneesh Verma

Directed by Kalyani Hiwale & Akshay Gandhi

Produced by Collective Madness in collaboration with Conservatory for Arts and Artists

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Tara is nine years old and lives with her parents. It’s summer break and they are off to visit Nani. Tara’s Trio is a fun musical adventure of Tara and her three secret companions, Andro (Technology), Wadeva (Boredom) & Imagenie (Imagination). Tara does not know that Andro, Wadeva & Imagenie also live with her. But these three love Tara very much and are constantly competing with each other to get her attention. Her Dad loves his gadgets and her Mom tries to keep everyone’s imagination alive. The play is about the crazy adventure they end up having on their way to Nani’s house. Their car breaks down near a forest. A con man ‘Baba Black Sheep Singh’ appears and offers to help. He hypnotizes the parents and starts to loot the car. At first Tara is scared but as things get more complicated, she realizes that she will have to do something. Turns out the 3 secret companions are more than happy to jump in. They help Tara to come up with an explosive plan to scare the baba and bring him to his knees.

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Jeh Alexandar / Sukrit Mahajan

Kiyomi Mehta / Meghna Roy Chaudhary

Pragati Mishra / Shreya Sharma

Shristi Sharma/ Niiya Kumar

Deepa Panchal / Rashmi Khanna

Ameet Bhuvan / Danesh Gopalkrishnan

Kaustav Sinha

Dilnaz Irani

Maneesh Verma



Music Producer: Kaizad Gherda

Costumes: Sonal Kharade

Assistant Director & Lights: Vishal

Sets & Props: Kapil Dev & Niranjan Jadhao

Stage Manager: Monika Gupta

Publicity Design: Maneesh Verma

Manager: Anita Gandhi

Creative Producer: Maneesh Verma

Script, Lyrics & Music: Asif Ali Beg






85 mins


Age advisory

5-13 years

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