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Manch by Bhasha Centre is a platform dedicated to enhancing the producorial capacity of Indian theatre groups. With a specific focus on finance management, programming, and marketing, the Manch model aims to ensure that the plays run profitably for a minimum of 25 shows.

The first year, 2022, saw Manch support three plays. In 2023, Manch is in collaboration with six theatre companies from across India, supporting seven plays. Each company brings with it a distinct and compelling vision, and a plan to bring their plays to diverse audiences. We hope you will be among them.


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Tukaram has gone missing again. This time though the hints seem ominous.


I Killed my Mother /

It Wasn't my Fault

For this Girl of 25, life with Herself is continually turbulent.

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Tara's Trio

Tara is nine years old and lives with her parents. It’s summer break and they are off to visit Nani.


Bhagi Hui Ladkiyan

The stories in Bhagi Hui Ladkiyan begin on a random day. 


Just Hiss


What does it take to choose love over hate? What does it take to choose friendship over fear?


Ghata, Ghanta, Ghanta, Ghanta, Ghanta

In a desolate landscape ruled by a fascist regime, Feroza and Aditya, a typically mismatched couple, embark on a quest to unravel life's meaning, love, and politics.




A crisis in a nameless country brings about a demand for change.

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