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The Drama Library


Hear, Here! (Vol. 1) 

“I would love to perform your play.”


The seven magic words anyone can say to a playwright. A play truly comes to life once it is heard out loud. Until then, characters are alive and kicking in a playwright’s head but something changes when someone else speaks the words out loud.


At The Drama Library, we have been thinking of ways to engage with plays that aren’t in our collection, and formalise what is already happening in pockets. We want more people to read plays, and for theatre practitioners to deepen their craft. 


To this end, Arghya Lahiri, director, playwright, light designer, and Phalguni Vittal Rao, our Librarian, have curated Volume 1 of Hear, Here! an in-person rehearsed reading series, where we will read plays we want to hear and works of playwrights we want to engage with more. Everyone is welcome, but if you work in the theatre, this is especially for you. 

Ashes to Ashes and A Slight Ache by Harold Pinter

4 September 2023 | 6.30 pm onwards | Harkat Studios, Versova



Top Girls by Caryl Churchill 

18 September 2023 | 6.30 pm onwards | Harkat Studios, Versova


The Seagull by Anton Chekhov

9 October 2023 | 6.30 pm onwards | Drama School Mumbai, Charni Road


Blasted by Sarah Kane

23 October 2023 | 6.30 pm onwards | Drama School Mumbai, Charni Road


The scripts will be available for reading through September and October 2023 on



Disclaimer: The Drama Library, accessible online, has shared some scripts for reference and educational purposes only. We want to emphasize that we do not own the copyright in any of these materials displayed on the website. The scripts are the intellectual property of their respective owners, publishers, or authors. These resources are made available solely for educational/ reference purposes and should not be copied, reproduced, or distributed in any manner whatsoever. It is strictly prohibited to exploit these materials for monetary gain or any other unauthorised purposes. Any integration, in whole or in part, of the ideas, concepts, notes, expressions, statements, suggestions, and treatments contained within the material requires explicit written permission from their respective owners, publishers, or authors. By accessing The Drama Library or Bhasha Centre, you acknowledge and agree to comply with these terms and conditions. Failure to adhere to these terms may result in legal consequences. Please note that this disclaimer may be subject to modification or update without prior notice.

Each reading will be followed by a conversation with leading theatre practitioners, writers and actors about the play and playwright. 

So, come listen to a play, have some chai with us and geek out with your fellow theatre people! And if you have a play in mind you want to listen to out loud, drop us a line at

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