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for performing arts, Bengaluru

In the 2 years since we began talking about the idea of Bhasha Centre, a common goal has emerged from everyone who has worked on its projects. It's not unique, it's not even new. But it's how we choose to be defined: by a desire to leave the theatre better than we found it. 

The Drama Library, Manch, the soon to be launched Theatre Yellow Pages and - we hope - many projects to come, derive from this desire. And from a combination of curiosity, care and considered enterprise.

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Bhasha Centre prefers and promotes a remote working structure, with people currently contributing from Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi. 


Aakriti Chandervanshi

Aakriti is a visual artist whose work spans unique geographies and is embedded in the contexts of her everyday in the landscapes of South Asia. As an architectural graduate, the roots of her practice emerge from her keen interest in the historicities of the built environment and relevant debates around the discourse on their conservation. She is devoted to her work and pets, perhaps not as equally as she would like.

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