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for performing arts, Bengaluru

Bhasha Centre is an organisation imbued with the intention of creating networks of arts professionals, aspirants and enthusiasts, across India. 

Using the internet and its immense potential for good, for collaborating and for collating information and ideas, Bhasha Centre exists as a cog in the wheel of a person's artistic growth, whether their start is career-oriented, or just curiosity.

We hope to enhance the value of the arts in India with innovative ideas that embody integrity and excellence, and that offer sustained employment to people in the Indian arts community.



Bhasha Centre is based in Bangalore and is run by:


Aakriti Chandervanshi

Aakriti is a visual artist whose work spans unique geographies and is embedded in the contexts of her everyday in the landscapes of South Asia. As an architectural graduate, the roots of her practice emerge from her keen interest in the historicities of the built environment and relevant debates around the discourse on their conservation. She is devoted to her work and pets, perhaps not as equally as she would like.

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